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sabin center for climate change law

Climate Deregulation Tracker

The Climate Deregulation Tracker identifies steps taken by the incoming administration and Congress to scale back or wholly eliminate federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures. 

Litigation Databases

In collaboration with Arnold & Porter, LLP, the Sabin Center tracks and summarizes new litigation over issues related to climate change. Both the U.S. and international litigation charts are updated monthly.



Institute for policy integrity

The Institute for Policy Integrity, sponsored by the New York University School of Law, produces original research in the fields of economics, law, and regulatory policy and collaborates with non-governmental organizations to facilitate their participation in the regulatory process.

Recent Publications:

Pipeline Approvals and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (April 9, 2019)

Opportunities for Valuing Climate Impacts in U.S. State Electricity Policy (April 2, 2019)

Regulation in Transition (March 6, 2019)

Sociopolitical Feedbacks and Climate Change (March 6, 2019)

Markets, Externalities, and the Federal Power Act (February 22, 2019)


nicholas institute for environmental policy solutions

The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University aims to improve environmental policymaking by delivering objective research and convening stakeholders to reach a shared understanding of pressing environmental problems. 

Recent Publications:

Mapping Ecosystem Services for the Southeast United States: Conservation and Restoration Priorities for Wild Pollinator Habitat (September 2019)

Innovative State-Led Efforts to Finance Agricultural Conservation (September 2019)

RTOGov: Exploring Links Between Market Decision-Making Processes and Outcomes (September 2019)

EV Charging Station Initiatives (September 2019)

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap (August 2019)

Analysis of Policies Related to the Protection of Coral Reefs (July 2019)

Federal Decentralization and Adaptive Management of Water Resources: Reservoir Reallocation by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (July 2019)

Population Allocation at the Housing Unit Level: Estimates Around Underground Natural Gas Storage Wells in PA, OH, NY, WV, MI, and CA (July 2019)

Profits and Productivity: Stimulating Electricity Demand in Low-Income Settings (June 2019)

Trends in Measuring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Mitigation Quantification Methodologies (May 2019)



LEGal planet

Legal Planet, a collaboration between UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law, provides insight and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy. Contributors write about court decisions, regulatory actions, and state legislation that affect climate change policy, water resource management, toxic waste disposal, renewable energy, air quality, and land use. 

Recent Posts: 

Governance Infrastructure for Water Resilience (September 20, 2019)

EPA/Transportation Announcement of California Waiver Revocation Is Full of Falsehoods and Irony (September 19, 2019)

American Public Wakes Up, Smells the Coffee (September 19, 2019)

Trump’s Tweet About Yanking California’s Waiver Is, Shockingly, Full of Falsehoods (September 18, 2019)

Trump Announces Waiver Rollback on Twitter (September 18, 2019)

Black Carbon, 3 Billion Strong (September 16, 2019)

A Welcome Victory in the D.C. Circuit (September 16, 2019)

Green Growth That Works (September 12, 2019)

What Hath California Wrought? (September 12, 2019)

Uncovering the Origins of False Claims in the Solar Geoengineering Discourse (September 11, 2019)